• Liaise between Corporate Client, Bankers, Sales and Syndicate, Corporate Access, Online Document Hosts, and Financial Printers

  • ​Promote group events on to Bloomberg Buy-side Network

  • Manage all Roadshow logistics

  • Source and book all group meeting venues

  • Book all travel (cars, hotels, flights, trains etc.)

  • Manage on-site group events (registration, AV, conference calls)

  • Send meeting confirmations to all investors

  • Send daily schedule updates to all involved

  • Organise delivery of all printed material to each location

  • Organise restaurants and entertainment

  • Provide bilingual Travelling Roadshow Support Staff 

Roadshow Services

Overall, 90 percent of companies roadshow. They remain the most rewarding form of investor engagement, beating investor days, site visits and investor conferences. 

The majority of companies prefer to have their roadshows arranged by a professional, as roadshows are arranged on such tight timelines that you need to know that your driver knows where he is going, meetings haven't been booked on opposite sides of town, and there is someone keeping a close eye on logistics throughout the day.

The upside of using an independent company to arrange logistics, over a broker, is that we are not restrained by in-house and regulatory body rules, which usually dictate that cars can't be booked after meetings end, and at weekends, restaurants outside of meeting times and any events cannot be booked by the broker's roadshow desk.

For global roadshows, if you are roadshowing through a broker, once you pass from one region to the next, the coordinator will change, which means that you will never be able to retain the coordinator who you have the initial relationship with.

So for anyone who prefers a 1:1, bespoke service, with everything from beginning to end arranged exactly to your preference, an independent is the only way forward.