Corporate Access Web Platform

It is so important for the company’s spokesperson to craft a pitch that is exciting, consistent and easily understood. Companies should get to know their current and potential investors and prepare a coherent story that addresses their unique concerns. Long-term institutional investors will have very different needs and interests than smaller hedge funds who are more risk-tolerant and have shorter investment horizons. 

Snowdog Roadshows have close relationships with various IR companies, covering Europe, US/Canada and Emerging Markets, to facilitate the move towards introducing IROs to investors who are not covered by the bigger brokers.

We have teamed up with Black & Callow, as their iRoadshow portal is the perfect place to host your presentation. 

Page Level Reporting - You can see which pages investors spend the most time on, so you can understand their concerns and tailor your approach at each stage of the Roadshow.

Room Level Reporting - You can view which investors spend the most time on your presentation to better identify and target opportunities.

Granular Level Reporting - You can view all participant activity in detail so you can judge the strength of demand and engage with investors in a more informed way.

Introducing IROs to new Investors

Communicating your company story

According to a recent survey, small-cap companies continue to miss out on opportunities to connect with potential investors. Instead of targeting large institutions, small-caps should focus on attracting smaller institutions; family offices and self-directed individuals who are looking to become long-term shareholders. According to the survey, CEOs and CFOs spend only 11 percent of their time on investor outreach.

 The best approach is to partner up with an Investor Relations firm to launch a targeted program. 

This platform also enables us to track investor interaction in real time.

We use the WeConvene Corporate Access Web Platform, which enables us to promote events to either a customised invite list, or the entire Bloomberg buy-side network (c.a. 150,0000 users).